This folding carton estimating system is remarkably fast and accurate. It gives the Estimator the ability to build very detailed estimates for those large jobs that require precision. At the same time the system supports building estimates for new items without creating full spec sheets and simply using the configured defaults. In this way layouts and estimates can be created in minutes.

In the CartonERP system, the estimate is linked to the finished goods item master for rerun jobs, yet allows for the estimate of a carton without creating an item master. 

Then the system will generate the item as soon as the estimate is pushed into an order. With one click, the software can be used to write the order and create the items. With another click, it can generate a release ticket for those jobs that are make and ship.

The system provides simple or complex estimates with as many forms, sheet sizes, substrates, items, dies, machines, colors, case packs and other variables imaginable. We have not found an estimate that cannot be created by the system.

The system will allow many different characteristics to drive the default speeds. With over twenty thousand estimates in the software, we have been able to set defaults for any characteristic a customer requires. 

Estimating Features

  • CRM
  • Estimating
  • Estimating
  • Request for Quote
  • Order Entry
  • Finishted goods Item specs
  • Raw Materials Management
  • MRP – Material requirement planning tools
  • Purchasing
  • Master Scheduling
  • Job tracking
  • Machine Costing
  • Profit prediction tools
  • MIS – Leadership reporting
  • Closeout Reporting
  • Customer Invoicing
  • Inegrated accounting or
    third party accounting link
  • Finished goods inventory
  • WIP on demand
  • Production Planning
  • Release & Pick system
  • Bill of Lading – Shippers
  • Barcode or RFID  Inventory tracking
  • Preproduction Projects
  • Prepress/Cad system links
  • Die/Tooling tracking
  • Quality plans & check lists
  • Certification tracking
  • Maintanance tracking
  • Ink usage & tracking
  • Tag and label creation
  • Shopfloor data collection
  • Timers & time sheets
  • Locally or cloud hosted
  • Remote Access
  • System Events
  • Email Alerts & Texting
  • Language Customization
  • Customizable forms
  • Electronic Job Tickets
  • Integration
  • Smart phones & Tablets compatible