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The age of disposable computers has arrived.

Seven years ago, we looked ahead to a day when computers would be so inexpensive and easy to replace that they were considered disposable. That day has arrived. This will dramatically increase the number of devices connected, and increase the opportunities for better communication. In preparation for this day, CartonERP has been designed to run on these small lean devices, and run on devices that are not yet on the market. The pricing of the system was also designed with this eventuality in mind. Connect as many smart phones, tablets, Pi's or other devices as you want to stay connected to your team and keep your work close at hand. Run the system on a cloud server, or on a server in your own server rack. Any device, and any server, with unlimited connections and an architecture and pricing design to facilitate these connections. Douglas ...
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Set Up Time Cost Folding Carton Manufacturers $20K per year

Reduce Make Ready Time and Increase Margins Time is precious when you’re changing jobs on the production floor, we get it. With the investment in your machines and staff, the only time you’re making money is when they are running. If you can improve your pace of job set up, you can improve your margins and reduce time. Automatic tracking and counts as jobs are run allow your operators to focus on other production needs. Automation is a huge time saver, and can reduce human errors on your production documents and job tickets. What if you had a way to capture shop-floor data while reducing the opportunity for human error when reporting at the end of the run, job, or shift? We’ve seen many folding carton manufacturers run into this same issue time and time again. They are losing margin and billable hours when setting up jobs and documenting production ...
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Reduce Your Rework with WIP Tracker

Reduce Your Rework in Real-Time Materials, process, and labor are the biggest factors folding carton manufacturers can improve to increase profit margins. The better manufacturing and inventory processes are the more efficient your people can be, therefore you are able to improve your profit margins. When you’re slicing pennies as thin as you are, you need tools that help you save any fraction of a penny you can. Our flagship product, CartonERP was developed specifically for folding carton manufacturers to use in improving their operations and communications, all of which is in order to improve efficiency. Our newest software product, WIP Tracker, provides you and your team with real-time data so staff throughout the plant can see things as they are happening. In the manufacturing process, issues with a run often don’t come to light until the job has been completed. Often during shift change; job change or regular inspection ...
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Real-time Data Visibility

Speed + Quality + People + Machine + Materials + Customer = Output (Profit, Costs, Etc.) Overall Equipment Efficiency is more than just a buzzword, it’s a detail every manufacturer must know in order to improve the bottom line. We talked before about If You Can Measure It, You Can Improve It. There are so many variables to be measured in the folding carton industry, from job to job or even from machine to machine. Our WIP Tracker product idea came from a software product for athletes, who need to monitor multiple variables to improve their performance. Cyclists, for example, can monitor time or distance ride to ride – but that isn’t a clear enough picture. Think about all the variables in tracking performance during a bike ride: Weather – rain, snow, wind or sunny Hills and terrain Elevation Distance into the ride Heart Rate Speed Time of day Type ...
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If you can measure it, you can improve it.

If you can measure it, you can improve it. Manufacturers often struggle with the quality of data coming from the production floor. The data and information input by operators can be as varied as the locations, shifts and machines they are running. When it comes to folding carton and packaging manufacturers where every fraction of a penny counts, having the right measurements and visibility to those measures allows you to identify issues and resolve them before too much time (or money) is wasted. Our latest product and software solution, WIP Tracker, allows production management real-time visibility to how your equipment and operators are running. Our team’s years of experience in the folding carton industry is your advantage to products that work. We know you can’t be everywhere in your plant at once. WIP Tracker was created to provide you with visibility to the shop floor. Measure More Manufacturing Data in ...
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WIP Tracker Featured in GRBJ

WIP Tracker Featured in GRBJ Software Maker Releases Tracking Product for Manufacturers Published by Grand Rapids Business Journal on September 2, 2016 A software maker has developed a new tracking product to help manufacturers improve visibility, traceability and efficiency on the production floor. Work in Progress, or WIP, Tracker by Workpack Solutions in Marne, a business systems software developer, is a set of hardware and software that collects data on the production process that can be accessed remotely by smartphones and other mobile devices. Kristie Vos, Workpack Solutions president, said WIP Tracker also features dashboards that provide manufacturers with greater context than they typically have when reviewing data. She said that contextual data is particularly beneficial in helping manufacturers improve future runs. WIP Tracker connects to manufacturing equipment electronically, either with an electronic eye or by connecting to an existing counter on the machine. Read the full article here: ...
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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Calculation

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Calculation Manufacturing Measurement and Data Visualization The manufacturing world is changing. It is speeding up with expectations for efficiency that are higher than ever. In the world of folding carton packaging manufacturing, companies are faced with this and several other aspects including inventory management, product tracking, real time data visualization and work in progress traceability. Often, production teams can be overwhelmed with data, and management of it. Still, the more information you have better your business can run. Efficiency is the name of the game here. How many good products can you make and how effectively are you using your current labor, equipment and planned materials? The WIP tracker is an exceptional solution to assist with OEE in your facility. The WIP Tracker from Workpack Solutions provides more transparency to your manufacturing process, performance, machine optimization, and production quality, giving you visibility to on how best ...
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